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LiBr Absorption Chiller

Renewable cooling from the waste heat: hot water, steam or exhaust Gas – efficient energy supply – from small to large-scale industrial projects – 17kW to 6000kW cooling capacity.

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Industrial Heat Pumps

Low temperature waste heat contains valuable energy. Heat pump allows the utilization of free energy sources such as geothermal energy, process waste heat or heat from waste water.

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Dry & Adiabatic Coolers

Our dry coolers are designed to offer equipment with reduced maintenance and a long service life. The adiabatic systems are energy efficient without any expensive chemical treatment.

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Ammonia Absorption

The ammonia/water absorption chiller generates cooling energy up to -40 °C. For this, the chiller primarily requires heat which is generated during the industrial processes or from the CHP plant.

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We are committed to customer lifetime values and we pride ourselves on the delivery of services and added value to develop long term business relationships in wider interest of the customer. Customer focus is our passion and priority. We work with leading manufacturers engaged in Green Energy and it's Eco-system. We have been working on Absorption Chillers since 1994 and have wide experience of various type of Absorption Chillers like Hot Water, Steam, Direct Fired, Exhaust Gas etc. We have commissioned and serviced 600+ Absorption Chillers - ranging from 17kW to 6000kW. With years of experience on these products and support from manufacturers, we understand your needs and provide the best solutions.

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The installation and commissioning of the Absorption Chiller is a decisive phase and must be carried out carefully to function the chiller properly, and above all that the equipment is used at the maximum level of its performance. We offer services from planning to installation and commissioning of the Absorption Chiller. After chiller commissioning, we also provide onsite training for smooth transition from project to operation team.



Our Preventative Maintenance contract is designed to meet your business needs and cover critical processes. We keep the equipment professionally maintained and repaired as per OEM. We also keep track of the preventative maintenance schedule and all the records to show the compliance. With decades of field experience, we resolve any issues with Absorption Chiller and associated equipment very quickly and efficiently.



Lithium Bromide solution used in absorption chiller requires close monitoring to ensure long life of the chiller. If not properly controlled, Lithium Bromide is highly corrosive and can result into premature component failure, increased maintenance costs, unproductive downtime and shortened chiller life. Our Lithium Bromide analysis gives precise recommendations of correction chemicals for maintaining Absorption Chiller.



Alarm management is necessary in a process plant environment to minimize, physical and economic losses through operator intervention in response to the alarm conditions. Our bespoke alarm management system Improves operator effectiveness, protects plant uptime and safety, reduce losses, and yield better results. It also minimizes the number and impact of abnormal situations and reduces operator workload.

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